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2014 New Style Ralph Lauren Polo White Long Sleeve

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2014 New Style Ralph Lauren Polo White Long Sleeve

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The origins of the RL Corporation lay with launch of men's ties, Polo Ralph Lauren in 1967. Born in 1939 as Ralph Lifshitz (he later became known as Ralph Lauren) in The Bronx, New York, to Ashkenazi Jewish parents from Eastern Europe (Belarus), Ralph Lauren pursued a career in menswear and had gained background working for Datrian Riser. He received a US$50,000 loan to realize his vision for men's ties. By 1969, he had a boutique store within the Manhattan department store Bloomingdale's. Around that same time, he released a line of suits for women that were tailored in a classic men's style; and this was when the first Polo emblem was seen. The logo was on the cuff of the women's suit. In 1971, Polo Ralph Lauren launched its first women's collection of apparel and the first stand-alone store was opened in Beverly Hills, California.